Saturday, 30 March 2013

What Should I Do?

I have a dilemma.

I'm noticing more & more Bloggers with SEVERAL Blogs, which cover different subjects. |

I'm now wondering about whether or not I should follow suit?.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Here I am, BACK again.


I AM back.

Also, I PROMISE that I WILL be Blogging MUCH MORE than I have been over what is probably a couple of years or so now.

Those Posts will be in connection with Issues that I can remember that have happened to me since the last time that I Posted.

MORE from me asap, I PROMISE.

'Brian, The Bull Terrier'
Kevin Gillespie

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Coming Back

Hi Everybody, SO sorry for being away for the length of time that I have. :-((. I have some EXCITING News for you though. :-)).

I am COMING BACK. You will be hearing MUCH MORE from me from now on. :-)).

Saturday, 26 December 2009


Hi there

Just to let you know that I have not forgotten about this. I WILL be returning as soon as possible

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Hi there.

Well, there are now just approximately two days now before I FINALLY see Stacey 'in the flesh' for the first time.

Just quickly Posting to say that arrangements are still ongoing in readiness for here arrival. I am getting INCREASINGLY excited. I have things to sort out with the Hotel chiefly.

I have made one, (to me at least), VERY bizarre discovery. We will be staying at The Holiday Inn on Castle Street in Cardiff, as I have already previously mentioned.

Now, The Holiday Inn that Stacey & I will be staying at apparently & allegedly (subject to my being correct), only serves Lunch in the Restaurant on a Sunday. I will be in further touch with the Hotel asap to ascertain whether this is true, & if it is whether they operate a Room Service System for Lunch for the remainder of the week. Similarly, I will need to check arrangements for when Breakfast & Dinner are served both in terms of Commencement & Conclusion.

As well as this of course, Next Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in The States. I will also have to see if I can arrange something there too. Alternatively, I am given to believe that The Holiday Inn is an American - owned concern. So, perhaps, they will be able to either assist or advise.

I will be Posting again later on another issue

More 'Barks' again soon

Best Wishes
'Brian, The Bull Terrier'

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Hi there.

Just a quick Posting this time.

I would be grateful to learn what you think I should be Blogging about?

I look forward to discovering your answers

More 'Barks' soon
'Brian, The Bull Terrier'



Apologies for this Post being delayed. I would have produced this yesterday, but yesterday was one of those 'mad' days.

Yesterday morning, I, along with my Keyworker & Activities Co - Ordinator (who drove us down) visited the Hotel, primarily to view the Disabled Accessible Rooms, & also to 'dot I's' & 'cross t's' in relation to everything.

We arrived at the Hotel, & spoke to a Receptionist. We were then taken to a Lift. I SWEAR that you will NEVER have seen a lift THAT small. It was THAT small, that I COULDNT fit in, without grabbing a bar at the back of the lift & LITERALLY swinging myself around, apparently, & allegedly, making my chair slightly airborne in the process. I also had to do this to extricate (is that the correct spelling?) my way out of the lift. There seems ABSOLUTELY NO way that both Stacey & Myself would be able to fit in there together. How COULD this be possible when I have to manoeuvre like I have to to get in & out. The lift is THAT small & tight, that it would struggle to hold an anorexic Greyhound.

In terms of viewing the rooms, that was, on the whole, pretty good. The Rooms which were Disabled Accessible, but did NOT have a Hoist, were pretty roomy. The Room with the Hoist, was the roomiest though. This Room, however, is allegedly 'taken up', so we will have to take one of the other two Rooms. There were one or two issues that needed to be checked. Thankfully, the bed is a good height, & I can easily transfer to there from my chair & vice versa. The Bath however, is a lot different. That is a REAL 'Nightmare On Elm Street'. It is a Standard, conventional Bath - COMPLETELY UNLIKE the Baths at Danybryn, which with the aid of a Handset, can be tilted backwards & forwards. Worse still, is the issue that the Showers are over the Baths.

Incidentally, as I recall, the Room with a Hoist also had a view from the window, of The Millennium Stadium no less.

There was also a lift to & from the Restaurant/Dining Area. Thankfully, this was a good deal more spacious. Some people, might, for all I know though, be somewhat perturbed by a Glass Lift.

On inspecting the Restaurant/Dining Area, the main things to come from that were the discovery that it was a two - tier Room, with about three steps dividing the upper area from the lower area. This, we were told could be dealt with by the bringing in of a Ramp. We decided that using the lower tier would be a better option.

Additionally, this weekend is the first of two consecutive weekends when Cardiff will be ABSOLUTELY PACKED with Rugby fans. The reasons for this being two Internationals. This weekend its Wales v Argentina. Then seven days later, its Wales v Australia. With this in mind, we were advised to eat in the Restaurant on Saturday Evening, & to make a Reservation. I will 'substantiate' this.

Oh well, thats all for now.

More 'Barks' again soon

Best Wishes

'Brian, The Bull Terrier'