Thursday, 19 November 2009


Hi there.

Well, there are now just approximately two days now before I FINALLY see Stacey 'in the flesh' for the first time.

Just quickly Posting to say that arrangements are still ongoing in readiness for here arrival. I am getting INCREASINGLY excited. I have things to sort out with the Hotel chiefly.

I have made one, (to me at least), VERY bizarre discovery. We will be staying at The Holiday Inn on Castle Street in Cardiff, as I have already previously mentioned.

Now, The Holiday Inn that Stacey & I will be staying at apparently & allegedly (subject to my being correct), only serves Lunch in the Restaurant on a Sunday. I will be in further touch with the Hotel asap to ascertain whether this is true, & if it is whether they operate a Room Service System for Lunch for the remainder of the week. Similarly, I will need to check arrangements for when Breakfast & Dinner are served both in terms of Commencement & Conclusion.

As well as this of course, Next Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in The States. I will also have to see if I can arrange something there too. Alternatively, I am given to believe that The Holiday Inn is an American - owned concern. So, perhaps, they will be able to either assist or advise.

I will be Posting again later on another issue

More 'Barks' again soon

Best Wishes
'Brian, The Bull Terrier'

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