Wednesday, 11 November 2009


While compiling my last Post, it came back into my mind of a trip I made to Sophia Gardens, (now renamed the Swalec Stadium), The Home of Glamorgan County Cricket Club, a couple of years ago now for the Day/Night One Day Cricket International between England & Pakistan.

What I can vividly remember, apart from the rain ruining proceedings, were the following two things:

1 The extremely tricky grassy, & gravelly surfaces, which I negotiated with a great deal of difficulty. If it had not been for the generosity of certain other spectators who witnessed my plight, it would have been still harder

2. In these times of Identity Fraud, (& you will almost certainly find this, as potentially TERRIFYING), I needed to go to a Natwest Cash Machine around the back of the ground. There were two. However, there might as well have not been ANY. This is because, get this, because of steps up to, & down from the relevant machines, I had to ask a fellow spectator to carry out the Transaction on my behalf. In this day, age & climate, is that scary or what?.

I will be liaising with the Swalec Stadium via their website (  in the very near future to see whether the area around the back of the Ground has been 'concreted - over'. I will not be holding my breath though. I will also be visiting the website of The England & Wales Cricket Board ( to establish whether there is any International Cricket in Cardiff next Season.

More 'Barks' later on
'Brian, The Bull Terrier'


Anonymous said...

Yes, that is a problem when you can't reach the ATM. The ATM's in the States are usually better situated for wheelchair users. Most are drive up, but some in the major areas are available for Wheelchair users.

HAMMER67 said...

The situation that you describe that is used in the States, NEEDS to be implemented, here in the UK too. I would VERY MUCH approve of the implementaion of 'Drive Up' or 'Wheel Up' (In the case of a Wheelchair Using Pedestrian) ATMs over here also