Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Well, I am back from my Reconnaissance Trip to The Holiday Inn, in the Castle Street area of the Centre of Cardiff.

I travelled down in one of Danybryns' vehicles, accompanied by my Keyworker, & the main driver. We were only there for ten minutes, if that. I had already phoned the Hotel twice this morning, so they were well aware of our impending arrival. We waited at The Reception Desk for a couple of minutes, & were then greeted by a Member of Staff.

My Keyworker, had two issues that she wanted to raise. Those issues being the Bed & Bath (Both in terms of whether I would be able to successfully transfer from one to the other. We were unable to discover this today, because all of the Disabled Accessible Rooms are currently being occupied. My Keyworker & I were both in agreement that, as a Hotel is different from a Disabled Care Home, the Hotel would probably never have seen the likes of the Baths at Danybryn. In adddition to the Bath, we also discovered that the Showering Facilities - were over/or a part of the Bath. :(.

In connection with the Rooms itself, we discovered, whilst chatting with the Member of Staff in question that it would not be until at least Sunday, that we could view a Room. After conferring with my Keyworker, we both agreed to make the visit on the Monday, (the next day that she is working after today). I have been instructed to speak to a lady by the name of Sarah, who, I am given to understand, is the Chief Receptionist there. I willbe getting in touch with her in due course.

The ONE gripe that I, myself had was the fact (as usual) that the Reception Desk was someway above my 'Centre of Gravity'. Referring back to one of my Posts this morning, Why, oh why, cannot it be possible for Architects of a proposed site, like a Hotel, to liaise with Disabled Clientele?, Or, once again, why cannot there be more Architects who are Wheelchair Users?. (Are there any at all?).

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More 'Barks' soon
'Brian, The Bull Terrier'

The Main issue that we wanted to discuss ie


Anonymous said...

Hey, babe. Nice blog today. I hope you get to see one of the rooms on Monday. I think it should be OK, but we will see. Of course, I will help you out if you need it.


HAMMER67 said...

Thank You Babe. I hope so too. Yes. Thank You My Darling