Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Hi there.

Just a quick Posting this time.

I would be grateful to learn what you think I should be Blogging about?

I look forward to discovering your answers

More 'Barks' soon
'Brian, The Bull Terrier'


Anonymous said...

This is Stacey. I think you should blog about being societally disabled and what you have to deal with as you live your daily life. I find that fascinating. I have a few disabilities myself and I would like some help on how to deal with it. I can't wait to hear more, darling.

HAMMER67 said...


Thank you for setting me this very interesting, nay fascinating challenge. I believe that I am correct in my assumption that I may well have to seek some form of assistance in terms of how you can overcome your issues.

Perhaps, it would serve me well to discover whether I am the ONLY Wheelchair User, who is also a Blogger. Although, with Blogging being so 'in - vogue' today, somehow, I VERY MUCH DOUBT IT