Thursday, 12 November 2009


On Friday Morning of last week, just after I came out of the Bath, & got myself dried up, a nasty, sizeable lump was detected on the right side of my Abdomen. It was inspected by the Support Worker at the Disabled Care Home that I live at. She, in turn, immediately informed one of the Nurses on Duty. Several people who saw & felt the lump when I showed them, were convinced that I had a Hernia. I have to confess, that, even though, my Spina Bifida prevents me from feeling any pain below the waist, I thought so too at the time. I had never personally suffered a Hernia, but I had been told that they were exceptionally painful.

Very speedily, an Appointment was arranged at the Local Medical Centre. I was called in by the GP. I told him what was wrong. He had a prod. After a few seconds, he diagnosed Scar Tissue, which incidentally had obviously come from my Emergency Surgery after my Hydrocephalus Shunt blocked on October 7th.

I returned Home, & relayed the news to those who needed to know. The scepticism/cynicism remained. I then decided, after mulling it over in my mind, that I would seek a Second Opinion.

A different GP from the Medical Centre visits my Home each Monday to visit & check any other Service Users who are sufficiently unwell. On Monday of this week, I went to my Local Medical Centre for an INR Appointment in relation to my Warfarin, which I have had for about ten years now. Imagine my frustration, when, as I left my Home,  I saw the GP from The Medical Centre travelling in the opposite direction.

I resolved to make another Appointment, with the specific GP who I should have seen on Monday Morning. That Appointment went ahead this afternoon. She checked me over, & mercifully, her opinion matched that of her male colleague, who had seen me six days before.

Alls' well that ends well.

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